Life just hasn’t been the same after your car accident. Your neck and back are killing you. You can’t go to work and can’t enjoy your hobbies. Insurance is giving you the run-around. Does this sound all too familiar?

If so, you're in the right place. At Get Well Rehab, we are dedicated to taking care of you and your auto insurance health claim from A to Z. No more stressing about handing in all the proper paperwork. No more concern about not knowing what to do. No more worrying about who's going to take care of your health.

I was injured in a car accident. Now what?

1. If the police came to the scene of the accident, ensure that you obtain your police report. If the police didn’t come, ensure that the accident was reported to a collision centre and that you obtain the collision report.
2. Contact your insurance company to file a claim. Be sure to report your injuries! Filing a claim for your car is separate from filing a claim for your healthcare needs.
3. Schedule an appointment with us! It’s crucial to start your therapy as soon as possible to prevent any lingering issues. You don’t need a referral from your family doctor to start your treatment.

At Get Well Rehab, our team of professionals is uniquely equipped to ensure that you have a stress-free claims process with your insurance company and are dedicated to helping you be able to return to the activities that you loved and enjoyed prior to your motor vehicle collision. To this end, our services at Get Well Rehab include the following…

Our Motor Vehicle Collision Services

- Physical therapy
- Psychological therapy
- Medical doctor – therapist collaboration
- Insurance navigation
- Form completion assistance
- Referral to lawyer

Whatever your needs are due to your motor vehicle accident, our clinic has you covered! Our personalized 1-to-1 approach will ensure that you get the care and service that you need to get you back on your feet.

There’s a physiotherapist just down the street from me, why shouldn’t I just go there?

A motor vehicle collision claim can be quite complex with legal and medical jargon that leaves most people confused and unaware of what’s going on with their claim. The sheer amount of paperwork alone often leaves one frustrated and simply want to give up. Additionally, most health professionals and clinics aren’t equipped with the knowledge and understanding of the nuances that go into an auto insurance claim. At Get Well Rehab, our insurance navigator provides personalized assistance for you in all aspects of your claim to ensure a stress-free auto insurance process and ensure you maximize the benefits that you deserve due to your car accident. After-all, you’ve diligently paid your premiums – don’t walk away leaving what ought to be yours on the table.

Do I need to wait for approval from insurance to start therapy?

No. In Ontario, you are pre-approved for the first 12 weeks of your physical therapy following your accident. This is to ensure that you get your therapy and are on the road to recovery as soon as possible.

I wasn’t at-fault in my car accident. Who’s insurance covers my treatment?

Ontario utilizes the no fault insurance system. This means that everyone involved in a car accident deals with their own insurance company, regardless of who is at-fault in the car accident. This system is designed to help keep insurance costs down as well as simplify the claims process after a car accident. If you are less than 25% at fault, your premiums will not go up if you file for a claim.

I don’t have car insurance. Can I still get treated for my car accident related injuries?

Yes, everyone is fully covered and entitled to receiving treatment following their car accident. Our insurance navigator will detail this process with you should it apply to your situation.

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